Partnering for Reef Resilience

NOAA and The Nature Conservancy are working hand in hand to foster more resilient coral reefs around the United States and internationally. The idea is simple: we know climate change is the single greatest global threat to coral reefs; promoting reef resilience is a local solution.

The Reef Resilience Program is a decade-long partnership effort lead by The Nature Conservancy that builds the capacity of reef managers around the world to better address climate change impacts and other stressors to reefs. These local stressors can range from the runoff of land-based sources of pollution to the overharvest of fish that occupy a unique ecological niche. By reducing the impact of local stressors and fostering resilience, coral reefs stand a better chance to survive and recover from larger climate impacts.

Check out these stories of successful resilience-based coral reef management from around the U.S. and its territories. For more information about the partnership between NOAA and The Nature Conservancy, as well as The Nature Conservancy Reef Resilience Program, visit: