Manage Your Award

The following resources will help you along your journey of managing your NOAA grant. If you have any questions, we highly recommend you reach out to your Program Officer as soon as possible so that we can assist.

On November 1, 2023, NOAA's grant management system transitioned from Grants Online to eRA Commons. Guidance below is generally applicable, however, processes involving Grants Online should be disregarded and instead refer to eRA Commons's Recipient Resource Page.

Grants Online and Resources
  • ASAP.Gov Enrollment and Draw-Down of Funds – The Automated Standard Application for Payment (ASAP) system is the preferred method for grantees with U.S. Bank accounts to draw down funds.
  • Managing Award Users – All grantees must have the project lead (Principle Investigator) in Grants Online. This document outlines the steps to add, modify, or change users in Grants Online.

CRCP New Award Resources

Award Management Resources
  • Performance Progress Reports – Guidance and instructions to submit your semi-annual or final progress report.
  • Federal Financial Reports – Guidance and instructions to submit your semi-annual or final financial reports. Semi-annual financial reports are due April 30 and October 30.
  • Method of Payment and Advance or Reimbursement of Funds (SF-270) – Instructions to enroll inthe Automated System for Award Payment (ASA) and instructions to submit a SF-270 form. Grantees that are designated as high risk, those not connected to, or without a U.S. bank account must use the form SF-270 to request reimbursements.
  • No Cost Extensions – Information and instructions to submit a request for additional time to complete grant activities. Requests must be made at least 30 days to the award end date, and are not guaranteed.
  • Re-Budgeting – Information and instructions on how to submit a request to modify the approved grant budget
  • Change in Scope – Information and instructions on how to submit a request to modify the scope of work for an approved grant. Requests are not guaranteed.
  • Foreign Travel and Fly America Act – Information and instructions on how to submit a request for foreign travel. All foreign travel must be pre-approved and travelers must use a U.S. Flag carrier.
  • Project Close Out and Extension to Close Out – Guidance and information on steps and tasks to end an award. Apply for an extension to close out if you need additional time for the final report(s) and the project has ended.

Other Resources
  • Acknowledging CRCP – This memo outlines how to appropriately acknowledge the Coral Reef Conservation Program (the Coral Program) in your work.
  • Section 508 Compliance Basic Guide – All products and website resources submitted to NOAA CoRIS must comply with the Disabilities Act, commonly known as “Section 508.”
  • CRCP-Specific Data Management, Archiving, and Compliance (VIDEO) - The presentation will give an overview of several aspects of CRCP data management. Starting with an overview of the data management policies that all CRCP funded projects must follow, we will provide guidance on structuring data, how to submit data to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) for archival, submitting journal articles and other publications to the NOAA Institutional Repository (IR) and 508 compliance.

    Note: This presentation was provided for the greater CRCP community. Always read and familiarize yourself with the Specific Award Conditions within your award file. It will always contain the most accurate requirement relative to your award
  • Cost Principles – Guidance and information on items that are allowable to purchase under a federal grant or cooperative agreement, as outlined in the regulations at CFR Part 200.
  • Audits - Guidance and information on audit requirements for grantees.
  • Monitoring and Site Visits – Guidance and information on what to expect if NOAA requests a site visit.
  • Enforcement Actions – Guidance and information on implications and consequences if your award is not within compliance.
  • Indirect Cost Rates – Information on the percentage and rules that entities are allowed to charge as overhead or indirect charge.
  • Common Grant Acronyms and Definitions – Adapted from 2 CFR Part 200.