Coral Reef NOAA
May 29, 2016  

Education and Outreach


Whether you are a student working on a school project, a teacher looking for ways to incorporate lesson about coral into your classroom, an informal educator looking for information and activities to include in coral outreach, or just someone wanting to learn more about coral, this section of the Web site was designed with you in mind.

Resources for Educators
The links provided on this page and its subpages include access to lesson plans and other useful resources and information to help incorporate coral reefs into the classroom. They are intended for use by educators in formal and informal classroom settings. These lesson plans and other teaching resources were created by NOAA offices and other partners, such as the National Science Teachers Association.

Outreach Resources
The links provided on this page include resources for individuals wanting to learn more about coral ecosystems, including students working on school projects, or those who conduct coral outreach activities to teach others about coral. The page includes links to background information about coral, threats to coral, and the value of coral, as well as links to activities and other useful resources.

Resources on Ocean Acidification
Targeted resources on OA for High School teachers and students, with annotated video presentations; curricula and classroom activities; interactive multimedia; and background materials produced by NOAA CRCP and partners.