On August 27, NOAA and partners including the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources co-hosted “NOAA Reef Smart: Partnering to Improve Hawaii’s Coral Reefs” in Honolulu. Nearly two dozen lawmakers, including U.S. Congressional representatives, members of the state legislature, and the Office of the Governor, were invited to attend. The event highlighted recent success stories in collaborative coral reef research and conservation. NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program leaders, state managers, and on-the-ground scientists discussed how their collaborative efforts foster management decisions that support healthy reefs and coastal communities. 

Missions aboard the NOAA Ship Hiʻialakai to study coral reef ecosystems in the main and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands served as a platform for hosting a series of unique events designed to engage students, teachers, resource managers, partners, stakeholders and policy makers to increase the awareness of coral reef ecosystem research and conservation stories from across NOAA. 

NOAA Highlights Coral Reef Success Stories in Hawaii