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May 24, 2015  

Employment Opportunities

CRCP Employment Opportunities
Tips to Find Other Coral Jobs

CRCP Employment Opportunities

There is no central repository of job listings specific to the CRCP. The CRCP is comprised of over 30 participating NOAA offices which receive funding from the CRCP for coral conservation work. Many of these offices receive funding for only part of the overall work they do, thus CRCP headquarters is not necessarily aware when its participating offices are in the midst of hiring positions that will conduct CRCP-funded work.

In addition, NOAA staff includes both federal and contract employees. All federal job positions for NOAA are posted in a central location; however, contract positions may be posted in a variety of places depending upon the hiring office and the contracting agency.

Below, please find some tips for finding CRCP jobs.

  • Both federal and contract positions for CRCP headquarters can be found here.

  • All federal job positions for NOAA are posted on USA Jobs.

  • Some of the contract agencies and cooperative or joint institutes utilized by the CRCP's participating offices are listed below, followed by their common acronym. Follow the links below to find current job openings within these companies. Note: not all advertized positions are for the CRCP.

    • Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS)
    • Earth Resources Technology (ERT)
    • I.M. Systems Group (IMSG)
    • JHT Incorporated (JHT)
    • Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (JIMAR)


Tips to Find Other Coral Jobs

While it is impossible for the CRCP to track all relevant jobs in the field of coral conservation, we can offer a few tips for finding relevant positions. The resources provided below are not meant to be an exhaustive list, merely a potential place to start your search.

  • Join Coral-List, a worldwide forum for discussions pertaining to coral reef health and monitoring; jobs, internships, and funding opportunities from around the world are often sent to this list serv.

  • If you have an advanced degree in a field related to coral conservation, your alma mater may have a professional association or alumni group for your particular degree, or a group of similar degrees. Such groups often circulate relevant job postings to their members, so it may be worth your while to find out if such a group exists and join.

Below is a listing of the job announcement pages for several coral conservation groups, many of whom the CRCP partners with on various conservation efforts:

Some additional conservation job listings (not all postings will be related to coral conservation):