Presentation & Videos

OA intro and classroom demos
Dr. Lubchenco, NOAA Administrator
A 15-min presentation of NOAA administrator giving overview of OA and showing two classroom demos using dry ice and chalk (video has a 12-sec delayed start).
The Acid Test
Natural Resources Defense Council
A 21-minute film narrated by Sigourney Weaver, with leading science researchers explaining OA to a general audience (film online: ).
Short OA intro animation
Hawaii Sierra Club, NOAA CRCP
A 2-minute introduction to OA, linking human activities to carbon emissions and chemical changes in the ocean.
Ocean Acidification: The other carbon dioxide problem
NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
A 4-minute introduction to OA, showing potential effects of pteropods ("sea butterflies.") Video also shows animation of how OA measurements are taken in the ocean, and likely effects on marine life from increasing OA, beginning at the base of the foodweb.
Acid Oceans
American Natural History Museum - Science Bulletins (
A 6-minute video that links OA to specific effects on particular marine species - sea urchins - and shows how these are collected and studied. Includes animation of OA chemical equation, and shows how sea urchin larval measurements are made to study effect of future ocean conditions. Video can be used as introduction to activity "OA Virtual Lab," under Multimedia section.