Coral Reef NOAA
May 27, 2016  


These materials present a brief introduction to particular issues, recommendations for action, and organizations that study marine resources.

Each resource is available as a pdf download in the table below. Supplemental materials are also identified and linked for select resources. File size is listed for each downloadable file; links with no file size listed are not file downloads.

Name Summary Group/Org.
10 Underwater Photo Tips
(648 kb)
Tips for taking underwater photos without causing damage. Project AWARE
10 Ways Divers Can Help
(551 kb)
Simple ways divers can help the marine environment. Project AWARE
(386 kb)
One-page summary of the online resources offered by the Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS). NOAA
History of the Fisheries in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
(468 kb)
A two-page summary presenting the history of fishing in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Western Pacific Fisheries Management Council
International Declaration of Reef Rights
(576 kb)
Outlines the rights that coral reefs have, and presents a pledge anyone can take to help reefs worldwide. Sign-up sheet (38 kb) included. Reef Check
International Year of the Reef Flyer
(435 kb)
One-page of information about the International Year of the Reef 2008 (IYOR 2008). International Year of the Reef 2008
International Year of the Reef Postcard
(490 kb)
Provides a list of ways to get involved in International Year of the Reef 2008 (IYOR 2008). International Year of the Reef 2008
National Coral Reef Institute Brochure
(1.92 mb)
A 32-page overview of the mission and activities of the National Coral Reef Institute, and their coral reef monitoring, exploration and mapping activities. National Coral Reef Institute
One-Two Punch for Deep Sea Corals
(273 kb)
A two-page summary of the effects of bottom trawling and ocean acidification on deep sea corals. Oceana
Reef Check California
(267 kb)
Brochure highlighting threats to the California marine ecosystem. Reef Check
Reef Check Tropical
(534 kb)
Brochure highlighting threats to the tropical marine ecosystem. Reef Check
Saipan Dive Snorkel
(571 kb)
List of sustainable ways to enjoy Saipan's oceans. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
What Can You Do to Save Coral Reefs?
(91.2 kb)
Thirty simple things you can do to help coral reefs. Reef Check