Coral Reef NOAA
August 02, 2015  



NOAA Fisheries Image Gallery: Images taken during NOAA-funded research expeditions of deep-sea coral habitats

NOAA Ocean Explorer Living Ocean Coral Gallery: A rich collection of images and video from some of NOAA's Office of Exploration and Research expeditions

Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN) Photo Library: The SIMoN photo library contains digital images of species, habitats, locations, and issues of the West Coast National Marine Sanctuaries

Census of Marine Life Image Gallery: Images of marine life encountered during research activities

National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library: An online vault where a comprehensive collection of select video clips and high-resolution still images from America's underwater treasures are securely stored and available for searchable access and download.

Extreme Corals 2010: Photos from the NOAA Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program’s Extreme Coral 2010 Expedition off the coast of Florida. Two weeks of research, characterization, and exploring of deep-sea coral communities on board the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown

Flower Garden Banks Interactive GIS-based map: NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries Program partnered with NOAA's National Coastal Data Development Center to create an on-line GIS-based mapping tool of the Flower Garden Banks Sanctuary. Bathymetry, biological information, management zones, oil and gas activities, oceanographic data, and remotely operated vehicle tracks with associated underwater photographs are made available through this tool.

Smithsonian Institution’s Ocean Portal: Seamounts slideshow: Thousands of seamounts—most of them undersea volcanoes—tower above the muddy seafloor. They provide something hard to come by in the deep ocean: a solid surface to cling to.


NOAA Ocean Explorer’s YouTube Channel: Collection of some of Ocean Explorer's best video content established on a YouTube Channel Collection of movies on cold-water coral reefs, the technology used to study them, 3D mapping simulations, and conservation

Ocean Explorer videos

The Alvin submersible dives on the New England Seamount chain found plentiful coral colonies of whip coral, parasol coral, and beautiful spiraling Iridogorgia.

From the 2002 Sanctuary Quest expedition, ROV Operator Vince Gerwe describes the advantages of an ROV in a short video clip.

Deep-sea corals are often considered the "condominiums of the deep," because they provide habitat for a large variety of organisms.

View colorful highlights of deep-sea marine life from the Gulf of Alaska, including fan corals, vase sponges, basket stars and squid.

The primary objective in the biomedical research division at Harbor Branch is to discover and develop drugs from marine organisms that can be used to treat human diseases.

Beneath the Blue: A four-man submersible provides a platform for scientist to explore Atlantic Ocean deep coral communities. A world we know very little about and few get a chance to see.

The HURL Data Department: Maintains an archive of all the images and video that are collected with the research submersibles Pisces V and Pisces IV, and with the ROV RCV-150.