Coral Reef NOAA
May 31, 2016  

Future Strategy

image of the covers of the Goals & Objectives and International Strategy reports

Goals & Objectives and International Strategy

On June 29, 2009, after eight months of collaborative efforts, the CRCP released two reports outlining the twenty-year strategic goals and five-year objectives the CRCP will work towards to effectively address each of the top three threats to coral reef ecosystems, both on domestic and international fronts. These documents provide strategic guidance on the CRCP priorities for fiscal years (FY) 2010-2015.


CRCP Reprioritization

The two documents above are the CRCP's strategy for the future and outline a significant change to the focus of the CRCP, representing a narrowing of focus from the original Thirteen Goals outlined in The National Action Plan to Conserve Coral Reefs. How did the CRCP develop the goals and objectives outlined in the Goals & Objectives and the International Strategy? This section of the site details the reprioritization process that began in 2006 and led to the development of the current strategy for the future of the CRCP.


Reauthorization of the CRCA

In 2000, Congress enacted the Coral Reef Conservation Act (CRCA), which authorized appropriations to NOAA for coral reef protection and management through 2004. The CRCA has been up for reauthorization since that time. This section of the site chronicles the progess made towards reauthorization over the past few years as well as updates on the current efforts of the 111th Congress to pass a reauthorization bill.