Coral Reef NOAA
May 29, 2016  

Welcome To The New Website

Welcome to our Website: We think you'll agree that the redesign makes our site an even more useful tool for learning about coral ecosystems, conservation of corals, and our program.

pacific corals
Finger coral, Kure Atoll State Wildlife Refuge in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Photo credit: Claire Fackler, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries

Over 500 million people worldwide have some level of dependence upon coral reefs for food resources and/or supplementary income from fishing, coastal protection, building materials, and income from tourism. Of those, 30 million are almost totally dependent on coral reefs.

Many of our goals for conserving corals are pursued and achieved through direct, hands-on, in-the-water actions. However, our broadest goals for healthy coral ecosystems can only be realized with support from informed, inspired and engaged individuals in communities throughout reef regions and across the globe. Many of you already are actively engaged partners in our conservation efforts, but we must reach out further—and smarter—with this important message. The redesigned Website is one part of this.

We've responded to a great deal of input from many audiences: our stakeholders, program partners, our Website users, and more. The redesigned site is focused first and foremost on coral ecosystems. You'll find greatly expanded content areas dedicated to bringing to life the value of coral ecosystems—and conserving them—to humans and the global environment. New resources and products—such as expanded information on coral biology, values, threats, and conservation techniques; a deep-sea coral section; more current news about coral conservation; and new resources for students and teachers—have been added to the site.

In redesigning the site, we have maintained the wealth of existing information about the workings of NOAA's CRCP, and the various programs, partnerships, activities, updates, and documents. So don't worry about losing access to important resources you might be used to seeing here. Please contact us if we can assist you in navigating or locating something you seek.

Of course we plan to update the site often with fresh, multimedia-rich content and expanded information on existing topics. We also have plans in the short-term to follow up the launch of this site with a second phase in which we add even more videos, additional photos and graphics, and social media.