Coral Reef NOAA
May 26, 2016  

NOAA Unveils New Mapping Tool for Vieques

screen capture of the BIOMapper tool showing coral cover on the north and south coasts of Vieques, Puerto Rico
BIOMapper provides instant acces to benthic habitat cover and is searchble by dive site. Photo credit: NOAA/NOS/CCMA/Biogeography Branch

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NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science announces the launch of the Vieques Biogeography Integrated Online Mapper (BIOMapper). The Vieques BIOMapper provides managers and scientists with improved access to coastal and ocean data and a way to print customized maps of specific areas of interest.

BIOMapper lets users interactively view data, aerial imagery, dive photography, underwater video, and related publications for a project in Puerto Rico, "Ecological Characterization of the Marine Resources of Vieques, Puerto Rico." The fully interactive tool is an easy way to view the project's benthic habitat data, examine the attributes of the data, and show different thematic representations of the data. In addition, photography and videos taken during dive missions are viewable, linked to the location of the dives. PDF maps can be produced of user-selected areas in a pre-formatted template. BIOMapper uses software that is easily modified to display a variety of data types for any region. The tool requires a browser with a Flash plugin.