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May 24, 2016  

NOAA CRCP International


NOAA’s Coral Program International

NOAA’s International Coral Reef Conservation Program helps to enhance ecosystem-based management of coral reef ecosystems in the Coral Triangle, Micronesia, South Pacific, and the Wider Caribbean.  By providing technical assistance, capacity building, coordination, and partnership, NOAA’s International Coral Program partners with government agencies, marine management institutions, and learning networks in support of the management priorities of regional ocean governance initiatives.  We focuse on the management of coral reefs holistically: upstream to offshore, including the people and communities dependent upon them.

Why does NOAA Coral Program work internationally? 

U.S. efforts to conserve coral reefs internationally are critical not only to the nation’s primary diplomatic and development strategies of promoting food security, economic stability and democratic governance worldwide, but also to effectively conserving coral reefs in the U.S. for future generations. Coral reefs and the services they provide are in decline, not just in the U.S. but worldwide.  Effectively conserving coral reefs in the United States cannot be accomplished by domestic efforts alone both because nearly all U.S. coral reefs are ecologically connected to reefs abroad (e.g., nursery grounds) and because some of the most significant threats to reefs are global in nature (e.g., climate change and ocean acidification).

What is NOAA’s Coral International Program? 

Since the launch of its new International Strategy in 2010, the Coral International Program in FY10 has taken clear steps to implement a core principle on the 1998 US Coral Reef Action Plan, to “provide global leadership to reduce global threats to coral reefs through international technical and development assistance, capacity building and collaboration.” CRCP International began serving as the US government scientific and technical agency enhancing coral reef ecosystem-based management in coral reef countries worldwide.

Enhancing ecosystem-based management of coral reefs from the Coral Triangle to the wider Caribbean and across the tropical Pacific, CRCP International works towards ensuring the perpetuity of coral reefs and the services they provide to society by advancing these four overarching goals:

International Startegy
  • Goal 1: Work with regional initiatives to build marine protected area networks and strengthen local management capacity to improve and maintain resilience of coral reef ecosystems and the human communities that depend on them.
  • Goal 2: Develop and implement tools and practices to more effectively observe, predict, communicate and manage climate change impacts in priority international areas.
  • Goal 3: Strengthen local and national capacity and policy frameworks to reduce impacts of fishing on coral reef ecosystems.
  • Goal 4: Strengthen policy frameworks and institutional capacities to reduce impacts to coral reef ecosystems from pollution due to land-based sources of pollution.

To meet these goals, CRCP International provides technical assistance, capacity building, and access to global platforms; as well as facilitates the coordination of programs, learning networks, and partnerships.


Cryptic biota recruitment station set up in Kimbe bay, Papua New Guinea. Colorful soft corals in Chuuk, Micronesia.
Cryptic Colorful